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Teaching your dog the skills toward obedience.

The dog training staff at The Barking Dog is highly qualified to assess your dog and work with you, or for you, to achieve the level of behavior you seek. Training effectively opens lines of communication between you and your dog. A pet which responds to your instruction and commands offers a much more rewarding relationship


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PLEASE: No Choke Chains, Prong Collars or E Collars allowed in class. We recommend – Flat Collars, The Wonder Walker Harness or Gentle Leader (all sold at The Barking Dog). Please use a 6 foot leather or nylon leash, No Flexi (retractable) Leashes allowed. Classes are all Positive Reinforcement -Treat Reward Classes.

MAKE-UP CLASS POLICY: Please let your INSTRUCTOR know if you will be missing a class ahead of time. We are only able to accommodate make-up classes if we have been alerted ahead of time. Because of the different training calendars that our classes are on as well as limitation of classroom size, make-up sessions are not always possible. If we have room in another class and you have let us know ahead of time we will be able to help accommodate a make-up; if there is no space available then a make-up class is not an option


Train With Us!

It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.

Develop the respect that is needed for a healthy relationship while increasing your dog’s confidence and understanding. The primary goal of The Barking Dog is to produce a companion animal that bonds with and respects its guardian and has the ability and desire to please.

Through working with your family, you will be able to better understand canine behavior and how to effectively communicate with your dog. This is achieved by recognizing that your dog is a living creature with a brain and has the ability to make his own choices. Our trainers influence the dog’s behavior in a natural way, allowing him to make right and wrong choices. It is only through making a wrong decision that your dog can learn and better understand what the expected behavior is.


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Meet the

Meet our professional and friendly trainers


Jeze Santiago

Dog Trainer

A certified canine trainer and American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen® evaluator, Jeze Santiago is a well-known expert in canine obedience and behavior modification in the greater Phoenix area. He has experience training over 4,000 dogs and parents in the valley over his 10 year career. Jeze has worked with all types of dogs to assist pet parents in developing a strong bond with their pet, establish the parents’ leadership role, and effectuate behavior modification and all levels of obedience. He is considered an expert in the canine aggression field, using positive reinforcement training methods. Jeze is active in numerous pet rescue organizations, and a high percentage of his students have graduated to become C.G.C certified through the American Kennel Club. Many of Jeze’s students have gone on to be successful therapy dogs working with Gabriel’s Angels, Sunshine Residential Homes, The Phoenix Children’s Hospital and The Arizona State Veterans hospital.