You’ve got questions,
we’ve got answers.

General FAQ
What do you accept for payment?

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Sorry, no Checks.

What kind of leash may I use at drop off?

You may use any collar or leash combo that keeps your dog under control; however, please refrain from using a retractable leash. A nylon/snap collar is the most efficient for our staff. Please remove harness’ before drop off.

What happens if I can’t make it to pick up my dog before you close?

Your dog will have to be boarded overnight in the Kennel for an additional boarding fee. You can pick your dog up the next day during hours of operation.

Do you offer a First Responder discount?

We’re pleased to provide a 20 percent discount for military and first responders for boarding and daycare.

How do I register my pet?

You can use any of the orange buttons on our website to register your pet, or you can email us at or call us at 480-434-6685.

What is the code for the Pet Parent Portal?

The code to access our parent portal on Ginger is Barking (make sure you use the capital B!). If you are using the Gingr mobile app, use code 112921 to connect to our facility.

Daycare FAQ
Do I need to call ahead before dropping my dog off for daycare?

Reservations are not required for daycare.

May I bring a meal or treats for my daycare dog?

Yes. We’re happy to feed treats or meals that you’d like to send along! Please- no dental chews, pig ears, or bully sticks.

How long is my dog actually playing during a day of daycare?

We strive to give the dogs a healthy balance of diversified play and rest time throughout their day! Our goal is to keep your pup occupied and tuckered out, not overly exhaust them.

How big are the resting pens that my dog relaxes in during the day?

All dogs, regardless of size, are provided with ample room to stretch out and get ‘comfy & cozy’. Resting pens have water bowls for your pet to rehydrate and reset in between playtimes.

Does my dog swim?

Swim is included in daycare play so long as the weather permits. If you prefer your pet not be around our pool deck, please let the staff know upon drop off. On your first evaluation day, we will give you a report card that lets you know if your dog likes to swim, splash at the shallow end of our beach entrance pool, or if they avoid the water all together and prefer to romp around the deck. We do not force any dogs into the water.

May I see my dog play in group?

We have a viewing window in the lobby to watch your pet romp and play in our pool deck. However, we do not have viewing areas for our indoor or outdoor play yards. We take a daily video of all our pups in group which are uploaded daily on the “videos” tab. You may also view photos/videos on our Facebook and Instagram page.

Boarding FAQ
What should I bring when dropping my dog off to board?

To make your dog comfortable, you can bring a t-shirt or something small that smells like home; a toy or two. We do offer food; but we suggest you bring your own so that your dog’s routine is not thrown off. (Placing it in zip-lock, pre-portion sized bags is very helpful). We do not accept beds from home as they are not made for our commercial grade washing and drying machines.

What do I not need to bring?

Too many toys
Food bowls/water bowls

What can I expect when picking up my pet?

• Your dog will normally be very excited to see you – be prepared!
• Dogs boarding 3 or more nights will come home with a fresh bath & clean ears Not staying 3 nights? Ask for a departure bath during drop off!
• Please refrain from feeding or giving your pet too much water until they’ve had an opportunity to settle down after departure.
• Please be sure to check out our departure information below. You can also find this on our boarding information sheet.



What if my pet needs medication?

The Barking Dog is happy to administer any medications or supplements your pet may require. Please bring all medicines with original prescription label. Our fee is $1 per/medication, per day. Unfortunately, we are unable to administer Injectables.

What are your options for long-term boarding?

Should your plans call for long-term boarding, in excess of thirty days, please contact us for special rates.